• AmbiVolt solar mounting systems for flat and pitched roofs

Welcome to AmbiVolt Energietechnik

AmbiVolt manufactures state-of-the-art solar mounting systems. Our systems guarantee fast mounting, flexibility on the roof and an analysis complying by all means with the codes. Thanks to the close collaboration with installers and permanent enhancements, AmbiVolt often proved to be a trend-setter. Your project is really huge? No problem, AmbiVolt is your reliable partner for customized solutions.
Our range of products includes AmbiLight, wind tunnel-tested, low-ballast flat roof systems with east/west orientation as well as systems for corrugated metal sheets and the newly developed, adjustable AmbiHook roof hooks for tiled roofs even in regions with very high snow loads. The EasyClick module clamp now allows for an even more comfortable and faster installation.
As an option, you can also get our photovoltaic systems with construction works or as a complete system.


Relying on years of experience in large scale flat roof installations, our chief designer Dr. Franz Stangl developed AmbiLight, an innovative east west mounting system that offers numerous advantages over previous mounting systems. The conclusion: AmbiLight saves space, time and money.


Now only one roof hook for a great variety of tile shapes and roof structures. The cleverly designed AmbiHook roof hooks are adjustable to several positions and guarantee maximum strength at reduced costs thanks to FEM-analysis. The patented system with the protruding, pre-assembled locking screw facilitates laying out of the bearing profiles. In addition, now only one tool (Torx T30) is required for the wafer-head wood screws, the profile locking screw and the EasyClick module and cross clamps.


For a secure fit! AmbiNano, our new solution for trapezoidal metal sheets does not only guarantee structural safety, but allows for a rapid and flexible installation. AmbiNano fits universally on common trapezoidal roofs and integrates a high compensation of installation tolerances. AmbiNano consists of just one part and sells at a very competitive price.


benefits of AmbiLight flat roof systems


  • Michelin Freystadt - 1 400 kWp

  • BRK Pfaffenhofen - 70 kWp

  • Hotel Langenbruck - 99 kWp

  • Wagner Wolnzach - 150 kWp

  • Ebikon/Luzern - 20 kWp

  • Radevormwald - 105 kWp

  • Meggen/Luzern - 14 kWp

  • Hildburghausen - 990 kWp

  • Bombardier Belfast - 3 600 kWp

  • EFH Landshut - 7 kWp

  • Maggi Singen - 230 kWp

  • Troll Antarctica I - 7 kWp