Happy New Year!

We wish a Happy New Year to all our customers and the folk interested in solar energy and competitive mounting systems! We are pleased to support you in all your needs and are looking forward to a sucessful collaboration in 2017.

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Innovative solar mounting systems on Intersolar 2016

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Sustainable energy production in the Antarctic

Solaranlage am Südpol (Foto: Norwegisches Polarinstitut)

The Norwegian Troll research station began using a PV system with 7.3 kW rated power in March 2016, making it less dependent on the diesel generators it has been relying on up till now. The newly installed PV modules at the all-year base camp Troll Green Station have to withstand temperatures as low as -60 °C and wind speeds of over 280 km/h. But despite the harsh weather conditions, the Antarctic has average solar irradiation values​ that are comparable to the values ​in northern Germany, for example. This is due in part to the Antarctic summer, during which the sun can even shine 24 hours a day.

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